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Capacitive sensors successfully applied to solar water heaters

Promulgator: admin    Send date: 2014-11-10 11:24

All along, the domestic solar water heater intelligent control how consumers often dream, many domestic solar companies are also ongoing efforts in this direction, delving into innovative parties for the ultimate realization of intelligent control of the foundation. Not long ago, from Yongkang gold core Electronic Instrument Co. had good news, the researchers after seven years of unremitting efforts, so have not been able to achieve the ultimate success of the capacitive sensor technology is applied to solar water heaters, solar water heaters will not only be able to keep sensitive life within the scope of monitoring and control capabilities, but also ultimately idealized intelligent mode, intelligent way to China's solar industry to bring a repeat of the spring.

What is a capacitive sensor?

Solar water heaters instrumentation sensors as human sensory organs, carrying the information of the source system, collecting water temperature, water and other information from the solar water heater storage box, with a pivotal role in the automation control. Currently solar instruments on the widespread use of the terminal market electrode sensor, which is one of the most original, the most backward sensing technology. Although its existence is widespread, but it has two major congenital defects: First, by scale impact, short life, can not be achieved with a solar water heater for 15 years with life; the second is the low resolution (only 4 block level), only some simple, primary control work because the sensor primitive cause bottlenecks on the road there is a solar water heater to the intelligent and multi-functional aspects of development.

Corresponding to the presence of the electrode sensors capacitive sensor technology into applications for over a century, with high resolution, fast dynamic response, enabling outstanding advantages of non-contact measurement, especially for acids, bases, flour, oil and water liquid level measurement of organic solvents, etc., now widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, food and other industries. However, because only the size of a hundred to a picofarads solar water tank just over 30 centimeters in diameter, capacitance variation, are weak capacitance detection, the process of using parasitic capacitance can be even more than the amount of change of its own, very easily lead to measurement error, so they could not use in solar water heaters.

If turn this non-contact capacitive sensor applications to the solar water heater through technological innovation among instruments, then all problems will be solved.

From theory to practice hard

Kang Yong-Jin Kim, general manager of Core Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. Wei Dong engage technical background, he has been on the sensor problem many years of research and has been committed to the capacitive sensor into the solar water heater.

Jin Weidong said: "With the continuous advancement of microprocessor technology, capacitive sensor technology is the intelligent direction, that is, the so-called intelligent sensors to obtain functional information with a dedicated microprocessor information analysis, processing and other functions closely together due to microprocessor with computing and logic function, it can easily be collected sensor data storage memory, comparative analysis, and be able to change the actual level of capacity for real-time monitoring, automatic calibration; thus effectively solved in the past by the parasitic capacitance effects, leading to the capacitive sensor accuracy, stability, and poor reliability of technical problems, so that the capacitive sensor has a high resolution, regulatory capacity, without affecting the water quality of the scale, no life cycles, etc. can be applied to the solar water heater fully reflected, and thus gives powerful control system to ensure control of solar water heaters in the water, the water temperature display, Sheung Shui, auxiliary heating, etc. infinitely close to the ideal intelligent mode, ITES really opens the era of solar water heaters. "

With the theory as a basis, after the gold core electrons from May 2002 began efforts to start trial production of solar water heaters with a combination of capacitive sensors, after more than two years of small-scale use authentication, access to the successful practice basis, and in July 2004 to apply for patents to the State intellectual Property Office. After a State Intellectual Property Office and relevant research institutions approved by the nine series of strict careful steps, ultimately, the national invention patent certificate in June 2009, with the authority of the supporting theoretical.

Kim core electronic capacitive sensors developed after more than seven years of improvement and examination technology is more mature, its life has basically the use of solar energy to adapt to life, a new generation of intelligent control type solar water heater start. Under their control, so that the solar hot water system can not only achieve a high sensitivity level is displayed, the user can also perform auxiliary heating can be achieved when the water off automatically; rapid reaction anti-flooding, monitoring system problems; and according to weather conditions automatically adjust the water, solar water heaters heat production to achieve maximum efficiency.

On the current usage of the terminal market, the use of gold core electrons capacitive sensor technology developed solar meter solar hot water system successfully entered the ranks of intelligent users do not have to waste effort to manually adjust again, because the weather changes fear of. And its "make solar read the weather," the technical point also let consumers know that an image of intelligent products, and this praise Xuyou Jia. It is foreseeable that the capacitive sensor instrumentation solar water heaters will be a major breakthrough in sensor technology and revolutionary, is bound to become the main trend of the future development of measurement and control technology of solar water heaters.

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